Whole plant knowledge is essential when it comes to cannabis - a diverse, complex plant that has many actors that contribute to its therapeutic value and medicinal benefits. Terp School assists individuals in understanding the complexities of cannabis and translating that knowledge into more sales, while selling customers the best product for them at that time - every time.


Interacting with customers can be difficult, especially in a burgeoning new industry like cannabis where new information is constantly being released as the wave of prohibition is lifted. Terp School serves as a community of collaboration where information from experts is shared easily in order to produce both an informed cannabis industry sales force and customer base.


Attend a live workshop or enroll in an online course with Terp School to let all your customers, vendors, and colleagues know you care about your cannabis career and you've completed further education. Stewards of cannabis have a large task at hand as we personally usher in the legalization and normalization of cannabis. Many eyes are on us - our actions echo across the nation and world. The more you know, the better!

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Terpenes in Nature

Cannabinoids in Cannabis

Terpenes in cannabis

Flavonoids in cannabis

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Do you work or want to work in the cannabis industry? Are you a cannabis user that wants to know more about this special plant? Perhaps you are a professional that knows it would be advantageous to learn more about cannabis. Attend a Terp School workshop and learn straight from the experts of the industry on various topics from terpenes and the entourage effect to effectively marketing online.

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