Why We Do What We Do…

Budtenders are the front line of the burgeoning cannabis industry. The breadth of knowledge required to truly grasp the benefits of cannabis is wide and formal sales training is lacking. Terp School specialization aims to cut at the root of this issue by educating budtenders not only on whole plant knowledge, but also current laws and regulations, terpenes, entourage effect, as well as sales skills training.

Not only will budtenders benefit from attending a Terp School workshop, but anyone interested in the cannabis plant whether they consume it or not. Practitioners of therapies both physical and mental benefit from knowledge of the cannabis plant and will have the ability to apply that knowledge to their practices.

Dr. Ethan Russo says, “If you’re going to use cannabis, you should be knowledgable and informed.” Terp School happens to agree with Dr. Russo. Cannabis is a diverse, complex plant that has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits when used appropriately.